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Finally! Get back in shape…


End the struggle. Burning fat in a healthy way has never been easier.

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Are you…

? A vegan for the animals who loves comfort food but wants to release an excess weight?

?‍ A raw vegan enthusiast who is dreaming about getting into the best shape of your life?

? A vegan yo-yo dieter who would love to break free from these last 20 pounds for good?

Struggling with…

❌ Not knowing what to eat for dinner…?

❌ Feeling hungry after eating fruit…?

Staying fully raw for longer than a few days..?

❌ Finding raw vegan recipes you enjoy…?

❌ Being consistent with healthy eating…?

❌ Releasing the weight despite all your efforts…?


Wish you had…

Guaranteed fat burn…?


More freedom and flexibility with your diet…?


A fit body you’re proud of…?


A supportive community…?


Freedom from unhealthy cravings…?


Plenty delicious recipes you’ll love…?

Raw Vegan Ninjas is an ultra affordable
online coaching program for vegans
who want to get into the best shape of their life
with holistic, high raw vegan lifestyle.

Siret released 14 kg / 30 pounds

Siret is a mom of three kids, an entrepreneur from Australia, originally from Estonia

My name is Siret.  I joined the first Reny’s and Jesse’s program about 7 years ago.

Reny and raw vegan food helped me to release 14 kg very quickly and keep it off for years. 

I overcame back pain, blood pressure issues, depression, and some other health challenges.

Now I feel very strong emotionally. I am able to stay happy, balanced,
and at peace even when I face serious life challenges. 

I am so grateful for Reny, Jesse and the Raw Vegan Ninja program
for helping me to stay healthy and on track.

Lee released 30 pounds and a serious health condition

Lee, a talented artist from New York overcame a serious disease,
released 30 pounds of unwanted weight, boosted her energy and confidence.
She looks and feels like a brand new person.

Juri from Estonia, Reny’s Dad, released 28 pounds

“At the very least, this lifestyle is interesting.
But I have to warn you that it might pull you in and make you a real raw vegan.

Are you ready to experiment and listen to your body’s reactions?

From my experience I can tell you that from a complete skeptic of this
style of eating I turned into enthusiast and supporter. No wonder!
Digestion works like a clockwork, no more health issues, the excess weight is released and I feel great!”