About Us

At a tender age of 2 years, Jesse got paralysed as a result of allergic reaction. After consulting with many doctors around the world for over a decade, Jesse’s parents finely started finding solutions. You can read the full version of Jesse’s healing story here: https://thewholelifestyle.com/jesses-story/

Jesse’s studies:

1988 started water fasting and learning from Patricia Bragg. Also, started learning about juicing from the Brags, Jack Lalanne and Linda and Jay Kordich.

1997 “Dr. Schulze’s Natural Healing Crusade workshop” with Dr. Richard Schulze

1998 David Wolfe’s lectures all around CA

1999-2007 All lands and sorts of raw food gatherings, events, festivals and lectures from most of the biggest names in the raw food movement.

2000-2001 David Wolfe’s “Eden Hot Springs” 2 times and other events all over the USA and Hawaii

2001-2003 Iridology classes

2002-2010 Dr. Douglas Graham’s “Health and Fitness Week” 5 times and twice to Costa Rica and other events and meetings.

2019 Mastering Raw Food Nutrition and Educator Course with Drs. Rick and Karin Dina D.C.

Reny is a mother of a little girl, certified wholistic nutritionist, YouTuber, self-taught raw chef, certified yoga teacher, certified holistic nutritionist and author of several recipe books, including award-winning “Simply Vibrant Recipes”. She is enjoying the raw vegan lifestyle since 2007.

Together with Jesse Bogdanovich, Reny created this Health Ninja app. She loves to support those who are interested in upgrading their life ad heath with healthy lifestyle.

You can connect with Reny on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happyrawreny/