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Adjust it to your preferences

So you tried the raw vegan recipes and you didn’t really like them? Or you made a few good ones but other ones tasted awful to you?

Or maybe you can’t even digest most of the raw vegan recipes?

Let’s talk about how to adjust your recipes, so the will taste great and digest with ease!

And like always, if you have questions, please feel free to bombard us with them in the comments below. We love questions! 🙂

adjust recipes for better taste and digestion

Greens can be blended with oranges or orange juice for better digestion

If nuts and seeds are hard for you to digest, soak them and blend them with water, strain the fiber if necessary and slowly add more and more of the fiber to the food.

Is what you made tasting too sweet? Add bitterness like dandelion greens, mushroom powder, or lemon. Too bitter, add sweetness like carrots. Too sour, too salty, too pungent, balance the flavor by adding a neutral ingredient or diluting with water.

Mild tastes are Zucchini, bananas, flaxseeds.

Squashes can be blended with acidic fruit to prevent oxidation.

Flaxseed blended into soups or salad dressings can bring down strong flavors.

Need salty taste, use tomatoes or lemon juice or even Himalayan salt especially if labs show low sodium.

You might consider keeping sweet fruit away from fat for best digestion and clear skin.