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Detox protocols to avoid

Mistakes or no no’s

Salt flush, liver flush with oils

Peroxide enemas, lemon enemas, coffee enemas are addictive, dehydrating and shock the liver. They set you back. Intestinal muscles get weak and friendly flora is flushed out.

Mucous doesn’t mean a cleanse is working.

Only use enema of water or wheatgrass if you have been constipated for 2 weeks.

Baking soda mixed with water to alkalize causes digestive issues and problems.

Clay and activated charcoal are too harsh and irritate the gut unless you have been poisoned. They will make you feel dry.

Psyllium husks taken every morning pulls out nutrients and causes migraines.

Avoid all cleanses that are not food.

Better ways

For parasites: stop feeding them what they want and they will leave the body when you eat healthy foods. Don’t take antibiotics.

For toxins

Eat dandelion greens and root.

Use lemon instead of vinegar

Take the skin off aloe vera and take the gel and put it with juice in your blender. All the gel that stays on your hands rub onto your face to heal the skin. Keep increasing the amount and when you take too much aloe vera it will cause loose stools. Then you know that is too much. It coats and soothes the intestines and repairs damage.

Support your natural cleansing and detoxification systems with healthy eating and habits.

If you are not getting good results after 45 days to 2 months of eating raw, analyze where you are missing a step. Are you cleansing all the time? Not sleeping enough? What is your weakest link? Track your habits. Be honest! Where can I improve my whole healthy lifestyle?