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Healthy Fats

Not eating essential fat can affect the nerves and emotions. Find the amount of fat that works for your body. During the winter more fat is needed to keep body weight up, not too thin, not too fat.

To balance out the omega 6 of nuts and avocado to get enough omega 3, for every ripe avocado you eat add 1-2  tablespoons of chia or ground flaxseeds. You can also make raw crackers with those seeds. Have fats with veggies not sweet fruit. Rinse nuts and seeds.  Soaking nuts and seeds overnight or 24 hours can help them digest easier. See what works for you.

Raw organic nuts in the shell are less likely to be rancid. Get to know your growers. Green olives are unripe black olives. A fully ripe olive is actually sweet. Coconut is another fat.