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Is fasting safe?

Start with getting the whole lifestyle in place first to support all detoxification systems in the body, so the body is naturally cleansing all the time.

Establish your lifestyle FIRST:

1 raw vegan diet

2 don’t mix fats with sugar

3 sleep

4 exercise

5 sunlight

6 positivity

7 stop eating 2-3 hours before bed and stop screens before bed

Start slow being kind and gentle. You can try to skip one meal with your doctor’s permission. Journal and see how you felt. Was it like climbing a mountain? You aren’t ready for fasting. After that is easy, try skipping 2 meals. When you are comfortable with that, you can try a 24 hour water fast making sure you stay hydrated.

Faster results if you go slower rather than pushing yourself. You can clean your body by just eating raw foods and adding juices at the same time. Move in the right direction. Look at yourself and choices. Give love to the body. Keep on improving your healthy lifestyle. You don’t need water or dry fasting.

Danger signs: if you can’t urinate, have too much weakness, yellow in the eyes, can’t sleep, kidney pain, stop fasting immediately.

Please do not water fast at all without your doctor’s permission. We don’t recommend to water fast longer than 3 days without supervision. The only place we can recommend for water fasting supervision is True North Center: https://www.healthpromoting.com

We do not recommend dry fasting at all, it is unsafe and damaging for the body.


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