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Nutritious Additions

Sun-dried mushrooms for Vitamin D. Dehydrating mushrooms seem to digest better, turn crunchy and get a little sweeter. Slice mushrooms and marinate in lemon juice with a little salt in the fridge. You can also add garlic and parsley. Try different varieties.

Raw Seaweed is another way to get in more minerals. Add a little seaweed to salad a few times a week. Try different varieties. Soak nori rolls or splash water on it or throw them in a raw tomato soup.

Spices and herbs are powerful. Cayenne helps warm up and carry nutrients into your extremities. When Jesse was sick and paralyzed, he had ginger, cayenne and garlic to go in there and help clean out things and bring life force back into his limbs. Be open to all the different spices and herbs. Study and learn how they can heal them. Buy organic or grow your own.

Eat a wide variety of all edible plants including greens that make you feel good after eating.