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Skin, lungs and brain

The biggest organ of detoxification is our skin. The best way to help it is to get out of its way. Stop putting on lotions and chemical potions even if it says natural. Use something that is almost edible. 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body. Use coconut oil or essential oil in small amounts. Use a filter that removes chlorine when showering. Get sunlight. See how your skin feels. Dry brush the skin. Sweating releases toxins. Use organic sheets. Watch out for hidden toxins.

Lungs: Deep breathing helps get the bad air out, moves our lymph system, and relaxes us. Cycle the air. Get fresh air and avoid chemical off gassing. Breathe through your nose not through your mouth. Our nose purifies air. If we breathe through our mouth we bypass that natural protection. Make sure your belly rises on inhale and goes down on exhale.

Brain: has a detoxification system that only works during sleep. The brain pushes out toxins and extra connections not needed are pruned. Doing habits daily strengthens connections. If you don’t get enough sleep the brain doesn’t work well.

Avoid sleeping pills. Use meditation, sunset walks, eat early, turn off screens and lights, etc. to improve sleep for brain to detoxify. Watch Youtube in the early afternoon not before bed. Unwind and relax. Sleep affects everything.